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Best Allergy Sites

Food Allergy Links

Allergy & Asthma Network Mothers of Asthmatics
Allergators – FA Apparel
Allernotes – FA Warning Notes & Labels
Allergic Child
Allergy Kids – Universal Awareness
Allergy Girl
Allergy Haven – Books
Allergy Moms – Gina is a wealth of knowledge
Allergy Solutions – Interesting treatment with success
Allergy Ware
Anaphylaxis Canada Now Food Allergy Canada
Anaphylaxis Campaign UK
Ask Before You Eat
Blue Bear Aware – FA awareness apparel
Faith Friendly World
Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Alliance
Food Allergy Support – Excellent Discussion Board
Food Allergy Talks
Go Dairy Free
Kids with Food Allergies – Outstanding Resource!
National Coalition for Food Safe Schools
Peanut Allergy Awareness Products
Peanut Allergy Blog

Food Allergy Support Groups

Healthy Eating & Living Links

FAAST of Cincinnati
Food Allergy Support – Vermont
Protect Allergic Kids – New York
Food Allergy Support – San Diego
Food Allergy Support – Utah
FAITH – Alabama
Phoenix Support Group
Dr. Mercola
E.A.T. Food for Life – our Raw milk supplier
Eat Wild – Great resource for REAL food
Foods Matter
Healthy Child
Kids Health – Food Allergies
In Defense of FoodA must read
Institute for Responsible Technology
International Association for Food Protection
International Food Information Council
Our Stolen FutureA must read
Unhappy MealsA must read
Manifesto on Eating Well A must read
The Omnivore’s Dilemma A must read
The Future of Food A must watch
Weston A Price Foundation
We want to Live
Allergy & Asthma Today Magazine
Allergic Living
Living Without Magazine
NIH Food Recall Archives