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Who was Emily Vonder Meulen

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Emily was weeks away from graduating from grade school (8th grade). Her birthday was also in several weeks. She was planning her combined birthday and graduation party.

Here are some of the files Emily put together for her party. The first name she came up with was her birth-graduation party. Then she changed it to the Black & Blue party.


Invite List

Friend’s List to Come

Birthday and graduation shopping list

To do for party

Emily’s Trees

There are many trees around our neighborhood, planted in memory of Emily. It is a wonderful tribute to have these trees as symbols of her strength, beauty, and life.

When Emily was born, Cat’s parents bought us a Blue Spruce tree as a gift. That tree is very beautiful today and is in the front yard of our first house in Covedale.

Emily Tree 5177 Ralph

After Emily passed away, our wonderful friends all pulled together and purchased a tree and plaque in Emily’s name at one of our local county parks. It is a beautiful tree and sits in front of the main shelter. Thank you to all who contributed to this wonderful gift.

Emily Tree EmbshoffEmily Tree Embshoff Plaque


After Emily passed, all the girl scout troops in the area pulled together and planted a tree and flowers in a local park. They made their own beautiful plaque with the words “Emily’s Tree” on it. This tree can be found in Delhi Park. Thank you to all the girl scouts that have given us this wonderful tree in a peaceful park.

Emily Tree Delhi ParkEmily Tree Delhi Park 2

Emily Tree Delhi Park Plaque

At the cemetery we purchased a crabapple tree to be planted near Emily’s grave site. This tree is a gift from Emily’s brother and sister. They miss her everyday. The crabapple tree is important because when Emily and Evan used to walk home from school together, they would pass a crabapple tree. Evan would always pick a crabapple and eat it… Emily did not…

Emily Tree CemeteryEmily Tree Cemetery Plaque